This is our News page, any important updates, news snippits and general information we need our members to be aware of will appear here. Be sure to check back regularly to keep up to date.

18th of March 2019 -

Te Ata acknowldges in the light of recent events on Friday, 15th of March in Christchurch that our members may need that extra moral support. We have dedicated the black board this month to a space for our members to chare their love and support for those New Zealanders affected by this tragic event.

If you or someone you care about is feeling distressed and need immediate support please call: 1737

Other News:

Te Ata staff would like to encourage all members and support people to phone ahead if you are attending a class and have any questions about it's current availability. We are always happy to answer your questions and do our best to support our frequent class attendees of any sudden changes


Te Ata is recruiting new Board of Trustee members. For more information please use the contact page or contact us on: 09-8370671

1st of September 2018 -

Kia ora! Welcome to Te Ata's new "News" page. Here you will be able to access information about all current happenings at Te Ata and our involvement in the wider community.

Give a little campaign launch:
We have launched a fundraising campaign to help raise money to help enrich our members lives and experiences at Te Ata. The campaign has some short term and long term financial goals. All money raised will directly benefit our members. Any support you can show, whether you donate or spread the word would be greatly appreciated. To check out the campaign or to donate please click here.

Take it from us radio interview:
Te Ata members have been asked if they would like to do a live radio interview and speak about their experience at the centre and their lived experiences with mental health. There will also be information about our 20th anniversary celebrations. We will have 3 people representing us and we look forward to supporting them and tuning in on the day.

They will be doing a 1 hour segment on a mental health advocacy forum called 'Take it from us' hosted by Sheldon, on The broadcast will be on September 11th from 12.30pm - 1.30om. If you live in Auckland you can tune into the station at 104.6FM otherwise you can stream from their website by clicking here.

There is also an amazing archive of all the previous guests who have spoken with Sheldon. Who share invaluable information about their experiences with mental health and other useful information. After the show is aired we will post an update with links on how to hear it so you don't miss out!

Big thank you to Sheldon for giving this oppurtunity for our members to share their stories and for his mental health advocacy.

20th Anniversary celebration events:
As discussed with our members at the last members meeting. We announced that we will be having an event for our 20th anniversary celebrations (you can find more information about Te Ata's history on the 'Our Story' page of this website). This celebration will involve a day where we have a get together to share food, stories and we will also have a live band. This celebration also coincides with mental health awareness week in October, there will be many other activities spread across the week relating to that. Filled with games, work shops and other fun acitivities. We will announce the timetable soon. So keep an eye on this page for more information.

Website updates:
Term 3 class information table is now available, there is also an updated pdf link for anyone who would like to print out our timetable.

We have 2 other new pages, 'Friends of Te Ata' and a 'Donate page'. The 'Friends of Te Ata' section will feature a list of our associates and links to their social media profiles. We appreciate greatly the people and organizations who help Te Ata and our centre members and we would like to share that, and publically recognize and acknowledge those efforts.

The 'Donate' page is for our recently launched give a little page. We will be sharing updates there about how the campaign is going and what we have been able to achieve with your help. There is also links to the campaign page and info on the Givealittle website, and if you would like to help, you can find out how you can donate there as well.

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