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Te Ata is a peer-led community support centre based in West Auckland for the West Auckland community. We offer educational, recreational and social support services to people with a diagnosed mental health disorder.

If you are between 18 and 65, live in the West Auckland area and have a mental health diagnosis, or have been under a mental health team, Te Ata may be able to help you on your journey, please feel free to give us a call and find out more about us and if you fit the criteria for our free services.

For our potential new members:
What can you expect if you sign up at Te Ata?


Membership is free!

Enrolling at Te Ata is quick and easy with one of our friendly centre hosts who will walk you through an introduction of the centre, fill out an enrolment form, and if you need support for this you are welcome to bring a support person with you. Our enrolment form is purely for your ensured privacy and professional care, sensitivity and respect of all members of Te Ata, the staff and support people too.


A quick orientation guide of the centre will follow and help you get settled in on your first day joining our growing circle of friends at Te Ata. You will receive a welcome pack including a membership card and enjoy a free tea or coffee for your first day.


All this information and more will be available to you at the centre and our friendly centre hosts will be happy to help you connect and join in on any classes or activities you would like to attend or have interest in and want to learn more about them. And can also answer any questions you may have.

What do we get up to at Te Ata?

What we offer at Te Ata is a social space to meet and connect with other people who are in various stages of their mental health journey. We have classes, work shops, holiday events, social outings, board games, pool table, table tennis and a donations table. Available also is cheap snacks & fresh hot soup which can be purchased.

And tea/coffee facilities are provided which are 30 cents for members.


All money from snacks and tea/coffee is collected and goes back to members by funding an event etc. This is then also discussed with and decided by fellow members. In recent years Te Ata members decided to buy an arcade machine which has lots of different classic arcade games. It is 20c a game and this money was decided to also help continue fund the next exciting addition or event.


Te Ata is a place for you, run by people like you!

We want all members to know they are in a safe environment and active participation is encouraged. Any volunteer work helping keep the centre a cool shared social space for learning and relaxing in the company of your peers are optional for those who are looking for those opportunities. Many tasks and events are peer run and a shared responsibility. One example is our annual Christmas party, members can join in decorating, party planning and so forth.

We have members meetings at least once a term where we keep everyone up to date with plans for the centre and upcoming events. It is also an opportunity for all members to speak about ideas, discuss and vote on events and make decisions on future social outings. Enabling members to have a voice about how we can continue to grow Te Ata to suit it's members needs. We often have a shared lunch and activities afterwards.

Te Ata is for any demographic and at any stage of their mental health journey who is looking for peer support and a place to have opportunities to grow, feel included and share experiences and learn with others.

Our vision -

People recovering from mental illness will feel supported and empowered to participate meaningfully within the community. 

Our mission -

We aim to enhance people's recovery from mental illness by providing social, recreational and educational support in a safe environment.          

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 9.30am - 3.00pm

All staff supporting clients with transport please pick up by 2.45pm

Te Ata staff thank you for your co-operation.

Current class times and cancellations can also be found on the noticeboards inside Te Ata.

For information on public holidays/closed times please check out

the time table for our classes & important dates listed below.

Updates are also available on our Facebook page.

Te Ata - Programs 

Important Dates and Events: 2022

Term 1

  •  starts 31st January

  • ends Thursday 6 April

Term 2

  • starts Monday 24 April

  • ends Friday 30 June

Term 3

  • starts Monday 17 July

  • ends Friday 22 September

Term 4

  • starts Monday 9 October

  • ends no later than Wednesday 20 December

Class terms at Te Ata follow New Zealand's school holiday dates, there is a 2 week break between each term. Te Ata will still be open during school holidays between terms unless specified.

We will be closed on the following public holidays: 2022

Auckland Anniversary, Monday 30th Jan

Waitangi Day, Monday 7th Feb 

Good Friday, Friday 15th April

Easter Monday, Monday 18th April

ANZAC Day, Monday 25th April

Queen's Birthday, Monday 6th June

Matariki, Friday 24th June

Labour Day, Monday24th October
Christmas Break, Closed from December 15th 2022, Reopen Jan 31st 2023

Annual General Meeting:


Te Ata Christmas Party:


Next Members meeting date: 


For more updates please contact us on 09-8370671


Program Information

Fair Food Collection
Every Wednesday afternoon before 12pm we collect a delivery of fruit, vegetables, bread and other goodies from the fair food truck.  This is a free service to all members of Te Ata so bring along your own reusable bag and our friendly staff will assist with choosing what you are interested in.
Below is our Matariki celebration that mainly Fair Food donations helped us create!




An informative and thought provoking program. New exciting topics and techniques explored each week. 
Art & Crafts Class
The Monday afternoon class will really explore your creative side. We will help you learn various art techniques and mediums to create a journal of expression and creativity.


Pool Competition
Get involved in the popular weekly pool competition with a little prize each week. The person with the most wins per team will get a prize. Any level can play and the more you play the better you become.

Movie Day

Explore and enjoy a new PG13 rated movie each week

Karaoke (Covid Paused)

One of the greatest benefits to singing karaoke is the amount of stress it releases. Since singing usually makes people happy, the level of stress in your body is automatically decreased. At the same time, endorphins are released and they help reduce both anxiety and stress.

Board of Trustees

Board Of Trustees

Daniel Sutton, Chairperson

Clarinda Stirling, Secretary

Cathy Jordan, Treasurer

Gayleen Maurice, Trustee member

Aline Martin, Trustee member

Steve Anderson, Trustee member

We are currently recruiting for new board members.
Please contact us on

for more information.


Contact information

Street Address:

Units H 2&3,

52 Keeling Road,




Office: 09-8370671

Member phone: 09-8370670


Mailing address:

P O Box 21553,





Contact form:

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Social Media:

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