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Donate to Te Ata

As of the 29th of August 2018, you can now donate to Te Ata via our 'Give a little' campaign page.

We would like Te Ata to continue being an awesome environment for everyone who attends. However, the centre is currently furnished with many second-hand furnishings that have seen their best days and teaching resources that need updating.

We would like to see Te Ata through to another 20 years, give the place a facelift, and create a fun, safe, accommodating and enjoyable environment for all. We would also like to facilitate more outings and events for our members, such as trips to local galleries, museums, parks and community events. These greatly improve the life quality of our members, many of whom only have Te Ata for social support.

So please consider donating to Te Ata, even a small donation would improve the lives of many members and enable them to continue to live the life they deserve.

For more campaign information or to donate click here:

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