Friends of Te Ata

Te Ata would like to acknowledge and thank those who have donated their time, services and money to help support our community center and members.

Firstly we would like to thank our funders, for whom without Te Ata wouldn't be able to pay for the day to day operations. These grants have made a significant impact in the lives of Te Ata members.


The Trusts community fund

The lotteries (NZ) grant

Foundation North

COGS (community organization grants scheme)

Below is a list of all those generous people who have helped Te Ata over the last year.

Fair Food

Our Give-a-little donators and patrons

PIF West food bank, Ashley Hollings

Film place - Keeling rd

Neighborhood support Waitakere, Louise & Sharon

John Clark painters

Special thanks to the following people who have also made contributions:







Mr & Mr.s Davison


Tony G

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